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Health Fair MGMT

Health Fairs are a great way to help employees stay fit, feel better, become healthier and more productive. However, planning and managing a health fair can be a challenging and time-consuming undertaking. Let Simplex Wellness help! We can provide the expertise to develop and manage your health fair for you.

Health Fairs bring together local, health-focused groups and individuals to provide medical screening and health promotion activities for the benefit of participants in conjunction with workplace wellness.

  • We take responsibility for scheduling and logistics, before, during and after the event.
  • From idea to implementation, we identify and recruit health-related groups and individuals to take part in the event. Our clients have access to our vast network of medical professionals of massage therapists, registered dietitians, health food retailers, fitness centers, health care providers, etc.
  • We provide a single point of contact for the client and all participants
  • We  provides engaging programs tailored to the needs of the employee population. These programs include blood pressure screenings, body composition readings, bio-metrics and more.
  • We distribute educational information regarding the services provided as well as promotional items.
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