By arriving at this page, you have taken one of the most important steps in reaching your wellness goals. At PHMC, we care about your wellness and understand that a healthier you will make a happier, more productive person on our team.  For that reason we have teamed up with the region’s most experienced corporate wellness provider, Simplex Wellness. Their progressive, 360 degree wellness programs including comprehensive fitness and nutrition planning provides the support we believe is essential in your wellness journey.  PHMC Fitness is open Monday through Friday from 7:00am – 7:00pm Features include:

  • A fitness room with state-of-the-art cardio machines with TVs, weight machines, free weights and other equipment such as resistance bands, medicine balls and stretching mats.
  • A separate studio for a variety of instructor-led and virtual group exercise classes.
  • CPR & Personal Training certified staff presence
  • Fitness diagnostic screenings for body composition analysis and health risk appraisals.
  • Locker room access to day lockers, showers and towel service at all membership levels.
  • Overnight lockers with laundry service (24 hour return) available at an additional cost.
  • Online class reservations.
  • The opportunity for PHMC employees to participate in the ‘Health Lifestyles Program’ through Independence Blue Cross, which enables members to get reimbursed for a certain number of fitness center visits a year.


PHMC Fitness Virtual Offerings

Continue your fitness journey even when you are not able to get to the gym. During the COVID crisis, PHMC Fitness continues to offer resources to help employees navigate through this new virtual way of life by encouraging a healthy lifestyle. 

See below for information on how to access all of our virtual offerings. 



  • Schedule a virtual 1:1 Fitness Consultation with PHMC Fitness Manager, Chelsea Myer. During these 15 minute appointments, Chelsea will be able to answer your fitness questions as well as help provide support and accountability during isolated times. Click here to schedule your appointment today.




  • Be sure to like and follow PHMC Fitness on Facebook and Instagram to see daily workouts, tips, and challenges. 


If you have any questions in regards to our offerings, please contact phmcfitness@simplexwellnessco.com. We look forward to “seeing” everyone getting stronger together as we persevere through the unknown.


"Your Health VIRTUAL 360"

As we continue to learn, understand and develop new strategies to ensure optimal health during the COVID-19 pandemic, PHMC Fitness would like to offer daily resources that promote overall well-being.

One way we are working to encourage a healthy lifestyle is by introducing “Your Health 360 Virtual”. When you engage in all three wellness initiatives below within ten business days, you will receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card.

   ✔️ Fitness & Wellness (complete one or more of the following): 
             • Complete a DIY Workout
             • Complete the Daily Mindfulness Exercise
             • Sign up for our Virtual Fitness Portal powered by Wexer (see details below)
             • Schedule a 1:1 fitness consult with PHMC’s Fitness Professionals
   ✔️ Schedule a virtual appointment with a Registered Dietitian
   ✔️ Download and track your progress through the Simplex Health App
             • After you schedule your appointment, you will receive a login for the app

*Gift Cards will be distributed after all 3 checks are completed and the appointment is held.

“Your Health 360” is a program that takes a 360-degree approach to wellness. You can make an appointment with a fitness specialist to set SMART goals, create a Wellness Tracker, and receive personalized programming. An essential part of whole-body wellness is nutrition; that is why we have partnered with Simplex Health. Simplex Health is a functional medicine nutrition therapy practice that focuses on nutrition education, effortless weight loss, and chronic illness prevention and reversal.


Group Exercise Program


PHMC Fitness offers a variety of fitness classes both Live and Virtually. Our program provides you the convenience, customization and versatility of including fitness in your work day. With 15 Live classes per week, members can take an instructor-led class taught by some of the region’s finest certified group exercise instructors. Now partnered with Wexer Virtual, we will also offer high-quality digital fitness classes from a 75 inch screen television. Check out our Group Exercise Schedule today!

CLICK HERE to view the Group Exercise Schedule.

All classes will have a 48 hour enrollment window. Prior enrollments are strongly encouraged. Walk-ins will be entertained after enrollments. Log on to www.myiclubonline.com to reserve a class. Due to the limited capacity in the studio, members may only participate in one yoga class per day.

** Designated low impact classes that are recommended for starting off your fitness routine. All classes can be modified at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.



PHMC Employee Rates*!

  • PHMC Fitness access = $20.00

  • PHMC Fitness access + Private Locker & Laundry = $37.00

Locker room access to day lockers, showers and towel service are available for all membership levels. Promotional pricing is locked-in for one year. Overnight locker plus laundry service with a 24 hour return is available at additional cost. Membership is month-to-month with easy cancellation. No deposit required for sign-up. Payment is required through payroll deduction. Members not on the PHMC payroll system can pay via credit card. *PHMC cares about the health of our employees and is helping to subsidize the cost of PHMC Fitness.  ALL RATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITH 60 DAYS NOTICE


Join Now

If you are an employee paid through the PHMC payroll system and have an access badge, you can enroll online using the link below. If you are not on PHMC payroll and/or do not have an access badge, email phmcfitness@simplexwellnessco.com to get enrolled. Stop by PHMC Fitness and speak with a fitness specialist. Once you enroll, you have immediate access to PHMC Fitness. Membership fees are deducted on the second pay of each month. Click ‘Get Started’ to sign up.
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Try For Free




Fitness Floor Guidelines:

  1. Please wipe pads and equipment after use.

  2. Infants, toddlers or young children are not permitted in the Fitness Center even if secured by a stroller, pumpkin seat, or belly/back pack, etc.

  3. Clips MUST be used on all weight lifting bars.

  4. Non-members are not permitted to use the Fitness Center or attend aerobic classes.

  5. Please be considerate of your fellow members, Return weights to designated place when you are finished

  6. No more than one set of weights or machines when people are waiting.

  7. Machine hopping is prohibited when people are waiting.

  8. Personalized wellness programs are available to members upon request. Check with a fitness specialist for more information.

  9. Members should not use the facilities at the club beyond their own physical conditioning and ability. All exercise participation is done at the risk of the member or guest and the Fitness Center is not liable or responsible for any injury. All members are strongly encouraged to have a complete physical and stress test conducted prior to exercising.

  10. Food and drinks are not allowed in the Fitness Center. Water (in closed containers only) is allowed.

Cell Phone Use

  1. It is expected that all members be able to use the Fitness Center in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Therefore the use of cell phones should be limited to areas outside of the fitness center and group exercise studio.  Social and business calls are disruptive and are discouraged. Cell phone use is strictly prohibited in locker rooms or restroom areas.

  2. If a member or guest must be on call, choose a non-sounding setting device. Please respect others by keeping conversations at low levels.

Lost Items

Please check at the Front desk for any lost items.


  1. Members should conduct themselves in a manner conducive to a private club environment.

  2. Examples of unacceptable behavior include: using profanity, berating employees or other members, fighting, etc. Non-compliance of any Club rule could result in suspension or termination of membership privileges.

  3. Shirts and appropriate shoes must be worn at all times. Dress must be athletic attire. No cut-off shorts, swimsuits, jeans, wide gapped muscle shirts, cut-off shirts, or other apparel deemed inappropriate by a Fitness Center employee.


Day lockers are available at no charge.  Members will have to bring their own locks and remove times and locks when they leave PHMC Fitness.  Personal items left in lockers when the member is not on premises are subject to removal.

A limited number of permanent lockers (available overnight) may be rented on a monthly basis, which includes laundry service.  PHMC will not provide locks for these private lockers.  PHMC Fitness is not responsible for items that may be lost or stolen.


Due to the nature of the Fitness Center being for use solely by PHMC employees, there will be no guests allowed.

Locker Room Etiquette

  1. Take out what you bring in – Please be sure you have all of your belongings and that any trash is deposited in the proper receptacle upon leaving the locker room.
  2. Clean up after yourself – The staff works to ensure cleanliness of the locker room at all times, please do your part by cleaning up after use.
  3. No Cell Phones – Cell phones and other electronic devices should not be used in the locker rooms.
  4. Share Space – There is a limited amount of space, so please be sure to only take up enough room for you to efficiently change and groom.
  5. Limit Your Time in the Shower – Please refrain from taking long showers especially during peak hours.
  6. Remove Items/Locks After Use – Items should be left in day use lockers only while you are using the facility.  items left in lockers overnight or throughout the day will be removed.  (This does not apply to members who rent a permanent locker)
  7. Limit Use of Strong Fragrances – Strong fragrances may irritate or cause allergic reactions in other members.  Please use only a small amount while in the locker room area.


  1. The rules, regulations, and policies contained herein are not exclusive. Other rules and regulations may be posted in and about the facility and shall be binding as if set out herein.

  2. Rules are subject to change without notice from Management. PHMC Fitness Center assumes no responsibility for the actions of persons upon its premises, other than those of its directors and employees when acting within their respective official capacities and duties.

  3. Badge sharing is prohibited.




Who is eligible to join PHMC Fitness?

Only PHMC and affiliate employees are eligible to join PHMC Fitness. Payment is required through payroll deduction. Additionally, employees who join PHMC Fitness but do not have a building access badge will be issued one to use the facility.

How do I sign up?

Stop by the PHMC Fitness Center and speak with a fitness specialist or enroll online at visionarywellnessco.com/phmc by clicking the “Join Now” button. If you are not on the PHMC payroll system, email phmcfitness@simplexwellnessco.com to get enrolled.

How does payroll deduction work?

Upon completing online registration your membership will be automatically deducted from the second pay of every month.

How do I know my employee ID number?

Your employee ID number can be found on your pay stub, accessible via the PHMC payroll system. Your employee ID number will be 9 digits long. Make sure to include all the leading zeroes, example: 000000123

What are PHMC Fitness Terms?

Membership is month-to-month with easy cancellation. No deposit required for sign-up. Payment is required through payroll deduction. Members not on PHMC payroll can pay via credit card. Note: PHMC cares about the health of our employees and is helping to subsidize the cost of PHMC Fitness. ALL RATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITH 60 DAYS NOTICE

What is included with my membership?

A basic membership will give you access to the fitness center, studio and day locker rooms with showers and towel service.  From there you can elect to add classes and/or a private locker with laundry service to your membership for an extra fee. Locker Room access to day lockers, showers and towel service for all membership levels. Promotional pricing is locked-in for one year.

Does PHMC Fitness participate in the ‘Health Lifestyles’ rewards program offered by Independence Blue Cross?

Yes, PHMC Fitness participates in the ‘Healthy Lifestyles’ rewards program that allows members to get reimbursed for a certain number of fitness center visits a year. This helps offset costs making membership even more affordable for members. To enroll in ‘Healthy Lifestyles’, go to www.ibxpress.com.

When can I start using the PHMC Fitness?

You can start using PHMC Fitness including classes  the day after you enroll.

What should I wear?

Dress must be athletic attire with shirts and shoes being worn at all times.  No cut-off shorts, swimsuits, jeans, wide gapped muscle shirts, cut-off shirts or any other apparel deemed inappropriate.  Please see a staff member if you have questions.

If I don’t have private locker service where do I put my belongings?

There are a number of day use lockers available for use while in the facility.  Please bring your own lock and be sure to remove your items and lock when you are finished working out.  Please do not store any valuables in your locker as PHMC is not responsible for lost or stolen belongings.

How do I cancel/downgrade/upgrade my membership?

In order to make changes to your membership, please use the Membership Change Form located on the left hand side of this page.  For cancellations, please note that you must cancel a service by the 25th of each month to avoid charges for the following month.

What is Myiclubonline?

Myiclubonline is the user portal for members to manage their accounts.  From here you can track check-ins, update important information and sign-up for classes. Visit myiclubonline.com to get started or contact a staff member for assistance.



Nutrition Counseling

 Jump Start Your Weight Loss the Healthy Way

New Benefit! 

You are 100% covered for up to 6 nutrition counseling session through through your existing insurance plan with PHMC! A $540.00 value!  Meet with a Simplex Health Dietitian onsite at PHMC.

If you have any of these insurance plans, schedule an appointment today

  • Keystone Health Plan East
  • Personal Choice
  • Federal Blue Shield
  • …and more

Take advantage of your Nutrition Counseling benefit by simply scheduling an appointment with our on site Registered Dietitian. Nutrition counseling with your health goals in mind right here at PHMC Headquarters on the 15th floor for all employees of PHMC.

  • Effortless, accelerated weight loss
  • Proven disease prevention strategies and management
  • Women’s health
  • Food allergies and intolerance
  • and more…

Establishing healthy eating patterns and habits are essential to achieving overall health. One size does not fit all. You are unique! Your nutrition program should be too! A customized nutrition plan will include a diet and health history assessment, identification of nutrition deficiencies and personalized diet and meal planning advice. Sign up today and take control of your health.

RD Office Hours 

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays


Schedule a Nutrition Appointment






Membership Change Request